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The new season of ESG FIFA will see 34 players competing in three divisions.

Qualifying Round

The first phase of the new ESG FIFA format will a knockout round, with those making it into the last 32 qualifying for the placement stage.

You may still have the chance to compete in the league if you do not progress as we will be giving wildcard places to two players.

Placement Stage

The next stage will see players compete in a series of matches to determine their starting position within the league system.

Players will be divided into 8 groups of 4 and have a total of 3 matches to put as many points on the board as they can, with a combined table deciding in which division they will be placed.

If a divisional placing is affected by players finishing on equal points and goal difference, the positions will be decided in the order of:

  • Goals scored,
  • Head-to-head result,
  • A play-off match.
ESG Seasons

Following the placement stage, the players will be split into three divisions:

Elite Stars League10 players
Challenger Premier12 players
Challenger Division 112 players

Players will contest a home and away fixture during the season. A total of 18 matches in the top division, and 22 matches in the lower divisions.

Promotion and Relegation

The promotion and relegation system works as follows:

Elite Stars League- 9th play-off vs 2nd in Challenger Prem
- 10th relegated
Challenger Premier- 1st promoted
- 2nd play-off vs 9th in Elite
- 11th & 12th relegated
Challenger Division 1- 1st & 2nd promoted

A play-off will take place over two legs with the away goals rule in effect.

Playing matches

All fixtures for ESG FIFA Seasons will be listed in the matches section.

We must reiterate how important it is that you complete your matches and submit your results.

There will be points deducted for failure to complete matches and you could risk losing your place in ESG FIFA.