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We ask that all ESG FIFA participants respect others and adhere to the rules and guidelines set out before you.

1. Code of Conduct

Any player found to be using insulting or offensive behaviour towards an opponent, during or outside of a match, will risk points being deducted and/or being removed from ESG FIFA.

You must report any of the following incidents:

  • Any form of verbal abuse related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, appearance, disability or age
  • Sexual harassment, comments, advances or the posting of pornographic/inappropriate links
  • Threats of violence or aggressive behaviour
  • Hate speech or extremist statements
  • Encouraging or advocating any of the behaviour listed above

We take reports of any such behaviour very seriously and will deal with the matter accordingly.

2. User Profiles

To register an account with ESG FIFA you must be at least 16 years old.

Members are responsible for keeping information on their profile accurate and up-to-date, with a correct country of residence and valid e-mail address listed on your account at all times.

Entering false information on your profile is a punishable offence.

Any inappropriate or offensive content appearing on your profile will be flagged by the ESG team and may result in a ban from the platform.

This includes your profile photo.

3. Matches

All matches must be played in accordance with our strict game settings unless otherwise permitted by the ESG team.

It is important that all encounters are played until complete and the post-match results screen has been reached.

Matches must be played at the date and time specified on the website using the PSN ID registered on your account.

We will require a valid reason as to why a fixture has not been fulfilled and proof that you have made every attempt to get the match played (i.e messages to your opponent).

Failure to fulfil a fixture will result in an automatic defeat and a points deduction.

Repeated failure to complete matches will result in your removal from ESG FIFA.

4. Post-Match Results

Both players must submit the post-match result via the website.

Failure to submit the score may result in a points deduction.

5. Cheating

Any player found guilty of cheating will be removed and banned from ESG FIFA.

This includes time-wasting.

If you witness cheating by any player you must send clear video proof to the ESG team.

6. Deception

Any player who attempts to deceive fellow participants or the ESG team with false statements or information will be dealt with accordingly.

The faking or manipulating of match media (screenshots, videos) will result in you being removed and banned from ESG FIFA.

7. Penalty Points

The number of penalty points received by a player will depend on the situation.

Players can be deducted points for (but not limited to) the following reasons:

  • Failure to fulfil a listed fixture
  • Deliberate disconnection during a match
  • Not submitting post-match results
  • Insulting or offensive behaviour
  • Other forms of misconduct
8. Other

If a situation arises which is not listed in the rules above, the ESG team will make a decision using all information gathered from both parties.

A decision made by the ESG team will be final.

The rules listed on our website may also be subject to change.